AIXEMTEC’S Modular machine software

Our modular open access machine software is the translation tool between the different languages of developers, engineers and operators. With its different interfaces it is tailored to several user levels. Predefined layouts and buttons make handling the machine easy for operators, whereas the open access scripting interface for advanced developers ensures flexibility in you code.

  • Machine integrated into your code

  • Use open source libraries & any sensors

  • Be fast, be innovative!


AIXEMTEC’s turnkey solutions are equipment with human-machine-interfaces for daily production. Your operators can intuitively adapt process parameters, calibrate the machine and execute recipes. If required, we can trace back individual parts and all information linked to it. The operator mode provides stability and ease of use.

  • Click & confirm

  • Guided setup

  • Real time processes


For prototypical assembly of products or for feasibility studies during process development, engineers can use our prototyping interface. The engineering interface provides access to all relevant machine functions. There is no need for having any programming skills to operate the machine and its advanced functions with the prototyping interface.

  • Drag & drop process building blocks

  • Hardwarwe provides visual references


Expert developers of complex automation tasks can use our open interfaces on code level. Developers can access all machine functions and integrate third party software and libraries. This powerful option allows developers to re-use well-proven and publicly available solutions for image processing, mathematical problems as well as for artificial intelligence.

  • Open access developer framework

  • Open hardware interfaces

  • Open SW-libraries (AI & Deep learning)

  • Standardized software tools

… 5 lines of code for an active alignment algorithm…

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