ONE-STOP Supplier Photonics assembly & Test Automation

AIXEMTEC is your one-stop supplier for photonics assembly & test automation. We cover all needs along your value chain and product life cycle for every TRL of your product. With our offer we try to give you full flexibility on how to use our services depending on your needs and also the security for you to get a working solution. From feasability studies across a bare machine setup up to a fully integrated and automated turnkey solution, everything is possible.

Value chain approach

AIXEMTEC aligns its services and solutions along the value chain of your production. We automate the assembly of electro-optical systems as well as their final testing (end-of-line testing). On the other end of the value chain we automate the inspection of individual components. That includes quality checks as well as individual characterization of optical properties. As a preparational step for automated processing, we also automate the sorting of optical components. This field includes the picking from bulk material, flipping it – if needed – and putting it precisely into a magazine.

Of course the fields of sorting, inspection, assembly and testing can be combined in a single solution. Working with us, you benefit from a long-term view and seamless design of your production solution covering a wide range production steps. This makes it easy to scale and industrialize production throughout your shopfloor in the future.

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Sorting Series

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Inspection Series

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Assembly Series

Flexibility through modularity.

Test Series

End-of Line testing.

Product lifecycle Approach

We align our services and solutions along the life cycle of your product. We support your product development, prototyping and series production. Depending on your individual use case you can choose from our services, our standard solutions and our customizable automation platforms.

Based on our automation experience we can set the course with you for a successful product and business case by working out together an automation-friendly product design. In order to optimize design decisions, we may carry out feasibility studies and prototyping services. These steps will also help identifying and understanding the main challenges of production and evaluating potential solutions. We can help you in several ways ramping up your production.

We operate flexible equipment and offer assembly services. This service is especially useful if you want to reduce time-to-market. If you are dealing with critical Intellectual Property, you may as well use our flexible equipment enabling your experts to carry out the development work on premise. When it comes to series production we may design and set up a turnkey solution or – if you prefer to stay fab-less – we may take care of installing a system at a provider for assembly services. As every product lifecycle comes to an end, we also refurbish equipment, so that you can use it for future products. This approach maximizes the Return on Invest.

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Service & Support

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