Micromanipulation Technology

An automated assembly or inspection process is highly complex and puts high demands on motion control and motion resolution. In order to minimize influencing parameters in our solutions we integrate metrology and bonding equipment into our micromanipulators. This gives us a single monolithic tool to measure, align and bond optical components. Furthermore, this architecture enables us to carry out active alignment within a compact working space. Beyond the integration of standard add-ons, we offer customer-specific enhancements.


Our customizable micromanipulator technology without stick-slip effects incorporates outstanding step resolution in up to six degrees of freedom. Its use in automotive 24/7 production proves its reliability. Due to the modular structure, we can add and combine functions such as UV-illumination or customized gripping and metrology setups. Our manipulators may be used as stand-alone tools, or they may be integrated in a fully automated production system.

By software you can set the pivot point so that you can even use the manipulation tool in an intuitive manual way.


In order to reduce influencing factors induced using multiple tools, we integrate typical functions needed in the world of electro-optical assembly and test. Typical functions include customized gripping and metrology setups as well as UV-illumination for adhesive bonding.

The result is a single fully customizable compact monolithic tool for alignment, bonding and testing. We maximize the re-use of standard components and define clear interfaces for customer-specific enhancements. Therefore, we can optimize our service level through a high level of standardization and still fulfil the individual needs of your business case.

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