Active Alignment of optical componants

Alignment is a crucial step in assembly and in some testing processes. Based on the required tolerances, different strategies are used for this process step. In precision assembly of electro-optical systems, active alignment is a common choice. In most cases, customized metrology setups and alignment strategies become necessary. We can provide proven active alignment solutions for multiple use cases from several markets and applications. We also have the know-how to develop a customized solution meeting your requirements regarding quality and throughput.

ACTIVE ALIGNMENT Solutions for every challenge

In the past, we have developed multiple active alignment solutions for several markets and applications. Examples include laser beam-shaping, external cavity resonators, cameras, LiDAR-systems, optical fibers and PICs.

Our intelligent alignment systems can optimize single metrology signals such as the optical power, or 2-dimensional intensity profiles. Our MTF-based solutions combine signals from multiple or complex targets. For highly demanding tasks such as fiber-to-PIC attachment or external cavity resonators, we combine up to three alignment tools and multiple sensors for efficient first-light search strategies and multi-variate signal optimization.

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