STANDARD Photonics Machine processes

Recurring problems are best solved by standard solutions. For that reason, we standardized processes for typical tasks along the value chain. For the standardized processes we offer pre-defined machine configurations providing the required functions. These configurations can be combined in different ways making use of our modular machine platform.

  • Quality active and relative alignment algorithms

  • Industry proven precision​

  • Flexibility for high-mix production ​

  • Productivity with minimized non-productive times​

  • Customizable for your needs

Sorting Series

Automated sorting of parts for further processing.

Inspection Series

Qualify up to 100% of your parts.

Dispensing series

Time-pressure, volumetric and jet dispensing technologies.

Assembly Series

Tailored assembly solutions on base of high level of standardization.

Test Series

Testing of optical, electro-optical or even mechano-optical performance.

Your process

Please contact us to learn more about our different processes and how they can support your production needs.