High-mix Production

Our Flexible Automation Platforms support high-mix production of optical systems in an automated way. Flexibility is achieved through mechanical interfaces, standardized interconnects as well as a modular software architecture. Product-specific assembly equipment such as grippers and fixtures may be exchanged.

Through flexibility we aim at a higher utilization of the equipment and therefore for an improved Total Cost of Ownership.

Product Development

Our Flexible Assembly Platforms are well suited for product development. The open control architecture allows non-automation experts to operate the machine and its modules in a semi-automated way.

The goal of product development is the increase of the product’s Technology Readiness Level. This can be achieved through several prototyping phases. The flexibility and openness of our platforms enable the customer to carry out prototyping in an efficient and cost-effective way.

Production Peaks

Market demands may vary significantly over time. A very cost-intensive way to approach this challenge is building up extra capacities. For this reason, we offer our customers to take over production peaks and carry out contract assembly on machines we operate at our facilities.

Fab-less Production

Running a production line is a challenging task which requires many resources and competencies which may not be your focus. In case you want to realize your idea into a product without building up a production line we offer contract assembly for low to medium production volumes.

High-speed Mass Production

Today, many applications require increasing assembly accuracies and new alignment techniques such as active alignment in mass production.

For customers who demand many million assemblies per year and active alignment we work out production solutions with well-established partners for high-speed mass production.