AIXEMTEC offers modular assembly equipment and different services in order to find the technically and economically best assembly solution for our customers. Browse our products and services below.



We offer several customizable assembly platforms which aim at fully- and semi-automated ultra-precise micro assembly based on high-precision alignment in up to six degrees of freedom and gluing processes. The platform especially suits the requirements of demanding optical systems but also other precision assembly tasks. Its modular architecture allows for flexible reconfiguration according to the daily needs of dynamic production environments.




The micromanipulator units provide six degrees of freedom in a customizable work space. The flexures prevent from stick-slip or hysteresis during movements and therefore allow for ultra-precise alignment of optical elements.

Design parameters such as work space, construction space or payload may be customized in order to meet the needs of a highly specific production solution.

Quick exchange metrology dome integrated into 3D micromanipulator for active alignment of imaging and projecting systems in submicron range


We integrated 3rd party dispenser technologies such as jet-dispensers and needle dispensers.

Jet-dispensers are used for contact-free ultra-precise dispensing applications for fluids with a viscosity between 0.4 and 10.000 mPas. The dispensers are encapsulated in a UV-safe housing in order to prevent from hardening due to UV-light exposure during the bonding process.

Video: Automated calibration of jet-dispenser systems.

Machine Vision

Robust industrial processes often need to observe their environment applying machine vision. We are able to implement intelligent machine behavior based on advanced machine vision algorithms. This includes high-precision contour detection as well as complex beam-profile analysis.

Part Feeding

Optical parts are sensitive. Feeding them in automated assembly lines is currently not well standardized. For that reason, we design customized trays which protect your parts and which provide the optimal degree of precision in order to simplify the handling such as part picking and placing within the machine.



For small and medium quantities, we offer contract assembly services in order to convince you of the capabilities of our equipment at low risk. For long-termin series production, we can either install the required equipment in your fab or we can hook you up with contract assembly companies which run our flexible equipment.


If you are in the process of developing a new product, we support you during the prototyping phase. In our labs we can prove concepts and help you to make the right design decisions – not only from an application perspecive but also from a production perspective.


Complex optical systems often require individual process development before automated series production can start. If you wish we take over process development including part feeding, alignment and bonding. As a result we deliver a turnkey solution for your daily production.



For turnkey solutions we ship our equipment with human-machine-interfaces for daily production. Your operators can intuitively adapt process parameters, calibrate the machine and execute recipes. If required, we can trace back individual parts and all information linked to it.


For prototypical assembly of products or for feasibility studies during process development, operators can use our prototyping interface. That interface provides access to all relavant machine functions. The operator does not need to have any programming skills to operate the machine and its advanced functions with the prototyping interface.


For expert developers of complex automation tasks we provide open interfaces on code level. Developers can access all machine functions and integrate third party software and libraries. This powerful option allows developers to re-use well-proven and publicly available solutions for image processing, mathematical problems as well as for artificial intelligence.