Active Alignment

Active alignment belongs to the core technologies for the assembly of high-end optical systems. Active alignment in our understanding means, that the desired optical function is directly used as an alignment target.

Examples for active alignment are diode laser collimation based on the beam profile, fiber coupling based on the inserted optical power, or MTF-based approaches for lens-to-chip assemblies.

Relative Alignment

If active alignment is not required or possible, relative alignment may be applied as another approach for high-precision sensor-guided alignment. In this case, geometric product features are located through machine vision and used for references within the alignment strategy.

Adhesive Bonding

Fiber Handling

AIXEMTEC and Fraunhofer developed a compact fiber handling unit capable of rotating fibers. This technology can be used for the handling of polarization maintaining fibers.

Handling of Micro-optics

The handling of micro-optics is highly challenging. In automation one is confronted with tight tole